Fitness Graduated Compression Pantyhose 240D


  • B-Point of the ankle offers 28 mm/Hg to compress & massage gradually for long standing users
  • 240 denier Elastic knitting-shape the abdomen, thigh, leg & hip up
  • With cotton gusset that make comfortable & breathable while moving
  • Offer gradual compression as
    ankle : 28 mm/Hg
    calf : 22 mm/Hg
    knee : 18 mm/Hg
    thigh : 16 mm/Hg

Product Detail

  • Composition : 28% Lycra, 72% Nylon
  • Color : BLACK、NUDE
  • Size : Small、Medium、Large,、 X-Large
    *sizes can be customized, please check size info or contact us directly!*

*For the consumers who have to sit in a narrow place long time, such as flight
*Notice: Below consumers should ask the doctors before wearing it
- High blood pressure, heart, kidney diseases
- Right now have itch or dermexanthesis
- Have blood circulation disorder
- Wounded or ill

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