Men Anti-Odor Arch Support No Show Socks


  • No show socks style for exercise
  • Triple Support on Foot Arch to cushion the feet's pressure and balance your body while doing exercise!
  • 7 cm wide compress knit on arch that is much wider than other normal 4 cm in the markets.
  • L shape on HEEL area to be comfortable wear.
  • Special MIT IODINE anti-bacteria yarn made, it's tested at 99.9% deodorizastion, 99.9% anti-bacteria, 100% permanent effect!

Product Detail

  • Composition : 76% Cotton, 9% Rubber, 8% Nylon(Iodine Yarn), 4% Spandex, 3% Nylon
  • Color : Black, Grey, Green
  • Size : 25-28 cm
    *sizes can be customized, please check size info or contact us directly!*


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